four months of blogging on

workingmum noticed today that this blog’s life now amounts to 4 months 2 weeks. ok so it feels more like six months, but anyway it’s longer than perhaps initially expected. right back in the first month of the blog, workingmum reflected upon the process of blogging, the nature of the audience and the impact of that perceived audience on how the author approaches their blog. it’s kind of interesting to see how this this evolves over the early life of a blog. initially getting contributions (usually from joe or marian) seemed to legitimise the blogging process;  now it doesn’t really matter. (tho it’s always nice to see 🙂 ). blogs i guess develop into what they we’re originally meant to be – diaries. and diaries are really for an audience of one – the author . and not really the author now, but the author in the future, looking back to how life once was.  on the very few occasions that workingmum gets out her real diaries and tries to decipher the worn and illegible writing of her teenage years and twenties, it’s just fascinating to walk back into the past.  so for this workingmum, blogging is an attempt to capture a moment in life , so that when the kids have left home and work is less manic ( 🙂 ) she can step back once more into the chaos that is life as a workingmum.

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