first day back to school

..and today seems like a magnification of all the bad things about being a workingmum. a busy six weeks means that we’ve not quite achieved the expected status of readiness for school ie, all school gear collected, washed, ironed and neatly laid out . in fact we find that as we prepare to leave the house, one pair of school shoes is making its way to workingdad’s workplace fifteen miles away.  son number one is presented with the choice of wearing crocs with sox or trainers two sizes too small .  inevitably ties are lost and have to be repurchased. what might have been seen as exhuberance from the boys over the last few weeks , now just sounds like a very loud noise and the whole thing feels like a machine intentionally designed to take five steps back with every step forward. it’s exhausting. and to make things worse the prospect of work doesn’t feel that good either 😦

workingmum never set out for this blog to be a piece of therapy, but today she feels she needs some. oh to be back in the outer hebrides.

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