this post should be read by workingmums only

..hello, back on the blog. the diversions of the past few months (work, life, facebook) are for 30 mins, under control and there’s something for workingmums to celebrate.

listening to the ‘today’ programme last week, ‘thought for the day’ kicked off with a reflection on some data (sorry can’t remember the source) which demonstrated that in the u curve of people’s satisfaction with their lives, the low point fell at 44 years of age.

it’s all apparently explained  by a sense of achievement and purpose in life (or a perceived lack of achievement and purpose during your mid 40s). now this workingmum ain’t that far away from 44 , can gladly report that things aren’t at all bad …and actually wonders if that’s in part linked to being a workingmum.

achievement and purpose are two things that workingmums can probably relate to pretty positively. our problem is that our cup runneth over with too much purpose . our lives are crammed full of stuff to do … and hopefully a fraction of that ends up in some sense of achievement. achievement in the workplace coupled with achievement of being a good mum .

if it sounds a bit smug, it’s not supposed to be. but it is sometimes good to hold onto the things that make the turbulent, busy lives of workingmums worthwhile and sometimes great fun.

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