every cloud does of course , have a silver lining :)

two years ago my childminder dumped me..well it wasn’t that personal, she was moving on. as a result the challenge was , pretty much overnight, to find a replacement for one of the most important adults in my life. luckily enough we were successful and found the wonderful claire, who’s created an environment for the kids which is pretty much as idyllic as you could hope for in a house across the road from school. she’s fab.

the only problem (which has been at the back of my mind throughout the year) is that as a trained teacher, the lovely claire has been contemplating going back to work in a school. so i’ve been trying to work out how on earth i would cope with life as workingmum without the childcare on which i so depend.

anyway claire announced last week, that she was sticking with looking after the kids. hooray. and what’s more, apparently i was the key influence. sounds good ? not so sure … she was  persuaded that this was the best course of action, by seeing me arrive for the boys stressed up to my eyeballs day after day.

so here’s to stress …and of course to three more years of claire 🙂 .

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