sometimes the stress is so high…

it surges through the system, as real as blood . it feels incapacitating.

sometimes arrival back at home is the perfect antedote – the demand to get one  child to tennis, t’other to the dentist, takes over and serves to blank out the demands of the previous hours (this is the good side of being a workingmum).

…but sometimes….the stress won’t compromise. it takes over . mind is occupied. smiles are unforthcoming. this is the (very) bad side of being a workingmum. sometimes work takes over, when you know it shouldn’t:(

today is one of those days.

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  1. * fellow working mum says:

    And sometimes your blood boils….when your own stress levels implode because you’ve become the repository for everyone else’s stress and problems

    then you get home and find yourself…

    snapping at spelling tests … being jogged to ‘ask the next one’ when your mind has wondered off into the realms of work..again…. making hot chocolates but lacking the space in the brain to sit down and chat..for long…chasing the children off to bed so you can settle down to the pile of paper marinading along with all the unsorted emails….and another day crammed with everyone else’s needs beckons.

    today was one of those days…… no silver linings here for now….

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 4 months ago

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