moving on to secondary school

after a decade of being a primary school workingmum, things have changed. both boys are now at secondary school. it’s a funny stage because whilst we can all pretty much recollect our own experiences at primary school, being at secondary school is like yesterday. life really is moving at a pace.

having children at secondary school means that things are changing. the journey towards some sort of independence has already commenced . at the moment most of the implications have made being a workingmum a little easier (earlier drop off times mean i’m back on a 9 am start at work; child-care costs have pretty much fallen away), however what comes with that is the inevitable sense of future loss.

my guess is that this is a stage in a mother’s life in which being a workingmum starts to provide some payback. the workingmum has retained her links with working life which in some way counter against the child’s increasing desire for independence. of course that’s theoretical, in reality every situation is idiosyncractic and informed by the characters within so take my thoughts with a pinch of salt.

anyway when you’ve got senior school kids that means you must be getting on and that really IS depressing.

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