women in leadership

the blog has been rather dormant for a while. apologies for that. must try harder.

anyway something worth reflecting upon. women and leadership and the extraordinary lack of representation of women in the highest levels of leadership of the uni. today the final new member of the university leadership team was announced. a mancunian (so that’s good) but yet another man. so that’s it, a newly invigorated team, comprising a series of 40-something white men (pretty much). well certainly no women in sight. (ah remember the days when i worked for a uni in which both vc and chancellor were women). anyway there we go. all v predictable. no women…let along workingmums around the boardroom table, being part of the decision making process which is going to (hopefully) steer us through the choppy waves and unseen currents ahead.

so that’s not good. and neither is the sense that this male domination is about to ricochet down to our level. heads of academic group (dept) now must be professors. no longer sufficent to have a pluralistic approach to management in which some professors assume leadership/managerial roles , but not exclusively. so we all have to fit a certain template . a template designed for middle aged men (or possibly middle aged women without kids). whatever, the result is the same ; the replication of the male dominated leadership installed at the top of the institution. bah humbug 😦